12/24 Hours of Fury

WOOO HOOOO!!!! Awesome event this last weekend! It was the second running of the Four Peaks racing 12/24 hours of Fury and this year totally blew the first year away! There were a ton of people that showed up, everyone was having a good time, and it was just fun all around!

I raced in the 12 hour solo singlespeed category. This was the first 12 hour race I have completed in a while... so I forgot how hard they are when you do not train properly... I thought I was going to die a few times!

The race started like a normal cross country race... NO RUNNING!!!! (thanks Jeremy). So when the bell went off... we all sprinted for the singletrack. I ended up getting smoked by a 13 or 14 year old that is fast as hell... Tyler Coplea. We rode together for a while, and then I ended up passing him, and we both got passed by a couple of people on teams. My race ended up being pretty non-eventful... just a lot of riding, thinking about everything, and a nice 10+ hours on the bike with a lot of suffering. While doing it I had no idea why I was doing it... but then after a while I just started to feel a lot better and get back into the groove... very cool and I can not wait for the next one.
Tyler Coplea getting the holeshot!!

I ended up with the overall solo 12 hour win... and was able to stop racing a couple of hours early and get ready for the Midnight Vassago Cycles hamburger BBQ!!! We went out and bought a bunch of burgers and invited all the 12 hour races down to hang out for a while, eat, drink beer, and share war stories... very very fun! I think this is something that should be done at all the events!

Tom Stack - What a stud. He did the 24 hour solo race and freaking rocked it. He rode the entire time without any long breaks... had tons of bike issues, rode through all kinds of stuff... and managed to crank out 19 laps for a second place!! I have never seen anyone so happy, and messed up at the same time, as Tom at the end of that race. I see a pro contract in his future.

Also, congrats to Kevin and Mimo for their Duo win. Kevin was on a new Superfly 100 (which he talked about every 3-4 seconds for the entire event) that he just picked up from the bike shop. I had to help decorate it by adding some Titus stickers to the seatstays... he was not amused :)

Anyway, a super fun event and one of my favorites of the year!! Can 't wait for the next one!


Anonymous said...

That guy cooking the burgers was HOT!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a good guy(roll-eyes)! Nice team representation out there at the Fury!