For Havens Sake Race

The Havens Sake fun ride and time trial race was a huge success!! Everyone had a good time and we raised some money for a really good cause! I can not believe how many people showed up in the middle of August in Phoenix for a mountain bike event. Below are the highlights of the event for me...

The volunteers... wow!! Everyone really pitched in and made it all happen.

  • Kim did a ton of work on all of the logistics... fliers, awards, registration, timing, everything!!! Awesome
  • Jeremy from Four peaks racing donated his event setup, then helped us setup and tear everything down!
  • Darrin Austin from Jetset magazine brought out his pimp motorhome and box van for us to use for registration and setup.
  • Cory Stem - Probably the best announcer any event could ever have!! He kept everything interesting the entire night and we had many comments on him! Thanks Corey!
  • Evan Smith - Basically the do everything guy that just jumped in whenever needed!
  • Zach and Sarah - Helping out with registration and consuming the free beer!
  • Darrin Permentor - Providing the medical service for us...
  • Kevin Donnellen - Super duper course marshal extrodanaire!!
  • Raymond Papineau - Timing... and backup timing!!!
  • Tom Stack - Setup, tear down, timing, course marshal... and fun guy to pick on!
  • Steve Houk - Beer meister

We ended up with a little over 150 registered riders, probably 20+ kids, and a lot of other people that just came and hung out!

The kids race ended up being very very cool - we had 20 or so kids that showed up, and I had no idea where they came from. Well, come to find out, some of the parents were surfing the web and came across our website. They were actually parents of kids that had Neuroblastoma cancer but were currently in remission. Very cool to have a couple of kids in the race that could identify what Haven is going through.

The time trial was a big hit and all the racers seemed to have a good time. Jeff Herrera won the pro mens with a super fast time. We also had a lot of beginner and first time racers that showed up... which I consider a big success!!! We even talked a couple of the MTBR guys that ride all the time but never race into doing the time trial... super cool!!

The fun ride was equally fun. We had more people come out to ust ride at night than for the race! Everyone from regular racers to first timers out there on the course tearing it up.

I am very very happy with the result of this race... from a bunch of people that have never really put on an event before, it went very well! Not sure about a follow up event next year, but we will see!!


SoCal Endurance said...

Tom, WUd Up! all this time Ive been emailing you and I have the wrong email address! email me back so I can get the right one! Last Race of the year Nov 14th! Gotta do it!
Jason Ranoa

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