For Havens Sake, Do the ride thing!!!

Wow, where to start.... over the past several months we have been following the story of Haven Fowler and her families struggles with her medical problems. Plesae visit Havens Blog for more details:

Havens Blog

So, riding home after a Tuesday ride a few weeks ago, someone made the suggestion of doing something for the family. They said, why don't we try to do a charity ride or something. Well, a few phone calls later... we have set up a full blown night time in Phoenix summertime mountain bike time trial and fun ride!! We have a ton of interest from everyone because the trails that we actually received permission to use... have not been open to legally night ride EVER!!!

We have also received a ton of support from different companies and local bike shops. We have items for raffles, beer from Ska Brewery, a sponsoring bike team, volunteers, the coolest awards ever, promoters helping out, a sweet website and flier set up, insurance for the event, and all the proper USCA permits/permission/etc..... holy crud a lot in a couple of weeks!!!

So, visit the event website, sign up on, sign up when you come out to the event, just come out and donate to a good cause!!!

For Havens Sake Website and Registration

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Cory Stem said...

Awesome work Tom! I may or may not be in town as I am on the road announcing all of August- might fly in for the day and if I do will gladly help out however I can!-Cory